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Radio Click Clock Clocks Gingko
Radio Click Clock Clocks Gingko
Radio Click Clock Clocks Gingko
Radio Click Clock Clocks Gingko
Radio Click Clock Clocks Gingko

    Radio Click Clock

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      The new Radio Click Clock - strong, but certainly not silent.

      The clean and uncomplicated design will still grab anyone’s attention and stands out from the rest of the radio crowd. The user friendly, on screen LED clock, FM frequency display or alarm time’s floating appearance, contrasts against the natural and realistic material designs, that gives it a modern and mysterious edge. Wake up to the delightful stereo sounding radio from its 49 lined-up speaker holes and snooze to your hearts content with a simple press of the aluminium finished tuning button on top. 

      - FM Radio with on screen frequency display (frequency between 87.5 and 108.5)

      - manual tuning or automatic channel searching 
      - display time, date and temperature alternately or permanent time display only setting
      - on screen alarm time display
      - radio or buzzer alarm option and 5 or 7 days alarm setting 
      - LED display automatically switches off when it’s quiet or can stay on permanently 
      - 12/24 hours and Celsius or Fahrenheit format display can be selected
      - European or American date format can be selected  
      - LED display automatically dims by half between 9pm and 7am 
      - power supply: built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery or DC5V/0.5-1A plug adapter (included) 
      - battery life: 7-8 hours when radio is constantly in use; 10-14 days when clock is on only in permanent display setting and 3-4 months in sound activated display setting. 

      - in-built internal memory battery to keep all your custom settings

      - product material: MDF wood with marble effect veneer finish

      - product weight: 900g

      - product size:  L: 17.9 x W: 5.4 x H: 10.5 cm