About Us

Our Mission At Foxyavenue, our aim is to offer you products that show you that we really care about our planet. Not only have we got the trendiest products, but we also endeavour to source products that are safe, recyclable and made from natural and renewable sources as far as possible. Our Products We bring a variety of trendy products to our customers in Home & Garden, vegan and PETA approved Make Up, hand crafted and Soy wax candles, gifts, eco-friendly Baby ware, Partyware and many more products that come from ethical sources who also believe in our love for the planet! We source products from well respected brands such as Tarte, Beyond Living, Asheligh & Burwood, Hana Blossom, Meri Meri, Chive, London ornaments, Blue Eyed Sun, Images D‘orient amongst others. Our Customers Our customers come from all walks of life. We are always looking for innovative new products to get the best to you. The interests of our customers are always top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.