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Coming Up Roses piped Glass Candle Candles Bomb Cosmetics

    Coming Up Roses piped Glass Candle

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      A rose by any other name is still a rose. This fresh rose and floral scent can fill your house with the fragrance of fresh cut blooms. The pure essential oils of rose and lavender have been chosen to calm, relax and balance.
      Opulent roses and floral fragrances caress your senses, with pure rose and lavender essential oils to relax and calm you. This candle will burn for 30 to 35 hours. Please carefully follow the directions for use (printed on the base)

      *Handmade product. Candle colour and shape could vary from product pictures.

      Safety instructions:

      Burn with sight / Keep away from things that catch fire/ Keep away from children / Burn on heat resistant surface away from heat sources / Trim the wick to 1/8” at all times / Remove any debris before lightning / Avoid using in drafty areas / If flame smokes, extinguish and shorten the wick.